Have Fun Without Spending A Lot

By on April 2, 2013
Have Fun Without Spending A Lot

Sure, many of us need to cut back these days on what we spend. Due to rising costs of just about everything we can imagine, from gas for our cars to food for our family, and the fact that more and more people are concerned about an uncertain job market, it’s easy to see why our entertainment budget may be one of the first things we scrutinize when looking to cut back on monthly expenses.

If you are among the many people that still like to have fun but simply don’t have as much “disposable” income to blow on a night out on the town as you once did, then have no fear – there are still plenty of ways to have fun without having to spend a lot.  We’ve outlined a few ideas that you can implement so that you are not left sitting at home, starring at your four walls, and wondering why you can’t be out having just as much as everyone else.

Here are 5 ideas for having fun without spending a lot:

Hit a street fair – Looking for a way to spend a fun-filled day?  Hit a street fair, craft show or other type of festival in your area.  There are many types of outdoor fairs and festivals, especially as the weather turns warmer, that can provide you with a fun filled day without any expense at all.  Of course, many of these fairs and festivals are designed to get visitors to spend their hard-earned money as they stroll by the booths or partake in some less-than-healthy food, but you can still enjoy a great day out even if you don’t buy anything or eat too much.

Go out for lunch instead of dinner – If you love to go out to eat but can’t stomach the costs of high-priced restaurant food these days, consider going out for lunch instead of dinner.  You can still enjoy a great meal, and it generally can cost you quite a bit less to enjoy the same food.

Skip the drinks when you’re out – Many restaurants make a substantial portion of their revenue from the drinks they serve, rather than the food, so by skipping the drinks you’ll save yourself a bundle.  Alcoholic drinks are especially pricey, but even sodas can add up.  So drink a refreshing glass of water while out and enjoy a nightcap once you get home instead.

Check out some local entertainment – If you like to get out but don’t want to spend money on expensive concert tickets or sporting events, look for the local entertainment section in the newspaper, online or on television.  Very often there is plenty to do that costs little to nothing if you just know where to find it.  Look for concerts in the park, outdoor movie nights, free museums and more for some fun things to do that won’t break the bank.

Spend a night in instead of going out – Looking to catch up with some old friends but don’t want to spend a lot?  Consider organizing a night in instead of a night out.  You can invite everyone over to enjoy a barbecue, a full-fledged gourmet meal, or just drinks and finger foods.  And if you don’t want to foot the whole bill for the get-together, consider making it a potluck event or ask everyone to bring something different to add to the festivities.

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